10 Habits to Transform Your Mindset During Lockdown

A guide to coming out of this mentally stronger

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“It’s okay to feel what you are feeling, whatever that is. Don’t feel ashamed if you aren’t positive…People misunderstand what ‘being strong’ really is. Strength is the courage to be vulnerable, be real. Some days I feel empowered…some days I feel helpless…This week I’ve had heaping doses of both polarities. Most people I’ve spoken to have felt similar. It’s all okay.” — Aubrey Marcus

Coming out of this mentally stronger

Although we might not go actively looking for them , life’s toughest challenges also provide the opportunity to shake up our lives and realise what matters most. After struggling with several big life changes myself a few years ago, I focused on what seemed to help keep me emotionally stable and happy — even in the midst of external turmoil.

Here are 10 practical ways to help keep you mind balanced during these challenging times:

  1. Stay connected with others
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  • Closing your eyes and counting five slow, deep breaths. Feel how your body moves with each breath, notice how warm or cold your inhales and exhales feel;
  • Going through all five of your senses individually (noticing sight, smell, sounds, tastes and touch) whilst preparing or eating a meal or a snack;
  • Running your fingers along the outside and then the inside of your own arms from your shoulders to your fingertips slowly three times;
  • Each morning or night, write down three things you’re grateful for, or the previous day’s successes — no matter how big or small. These might be someone you know; things you like about yourself or where you live; what you ate or did that day; or an aspect of nature — like the sky, a flower or bird song. Research suggests that gratitude practices can improve our outlook on life.
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Other useful mental well-being resources:

Keep in mind and check in with what feels useful to your own physical and mental state before and after you practice, then you will learn what works for you. You can find further COVID-19 mental health resources here:

To conclude

These are uncertain times where many of us face grief, financial pressure, loss of freedom and anxiety — so it is imperative to look after the physical and mental well-being of ourselves and others well during this period.

Personal development writer & coach. Left-handed Londoner. Ex finance. Empowering the feminine. Find out more @ www.jessicawarren.co

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