10 Quick and Powerful New Year Goals Questions for an Epic Year Ahead

Reflect on last year and dream up the new one in 10 minutes.

Jessica Warren


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Happy New Year!

When the new year is off to a fresh start, it could be a great time to:

  • Reflect on last year; and
  • Set your sights on the new year goals you really want to reach this year.

If you’re up for it, you’ll only need 10 minutes. It’s quick, but can be a powerful thoughtful exercise.

You can set goals at any point. I love the clean page a new year gives you however, to map out the changes you’d like to make and the dreams you’d love to see happen.

A new year review can help you:

  • Feel grateful for the people who made last year better.
  • Notice what you’d like to do (or be) more or less of going forward.
  • Make note of the lessons you learned and growth that came from them.
  • Check in with what you’re ready to leave behind.
  • Realize how much you’ve changed since last year.

So, perhaps put your phone on airplane mode; sit with your favorite cup of something; play uplifting music; light a candle (maybe even a fireplace?), snuggle under a blanket and journal your answers.

You can scroll through your calendar or camera roll from last year, and note significant events, who you were with and and how you felt. You can also answer whichever of the 10 questions below that speak most to you.

Taking some “you time” to reflect. Photo: Canva

Part 1: Reflecting on the past year

First, look back on how you’ve grown, who you met and what you learned over the past year. These can create the sparks of gratitude and wisdom to nurture your goals for this year.

As you journal, you’ll likely find uncelebrated achievements, life-changing lessons and magical humans who crossed your path.



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