11 Ways to find love online or offline in 2023

Jessica Warren
7 min readJan 25, 2023

Before the dating app fatigue kicks in

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Dating app success

Thousands of couples have found each other (and even had “Tinder babies”) since the app launched in 2012. Countless other dating apps followed for every imaginable dating niche.

Unfortunately, for singles diligently searching for “the one”, many low-barrier-to-entry apps have become synonymous with commitment-phobic hookup culture. A Google search of the terms “Tinder” and “hookup” exposes an industry built around casual dating coaching. What’s more, dating app KPIs (like number of active users, or hours spent online) often work in opposition to their users’ ultimate hopes to render their account obsolete by meeting the right person.

As a dating coach, I know many singletons associate dating apps with the near-inevitable negative experiences the sheer number of online interactions can bring. Home screens are cluttered with icons promising love; calendars and inboxes are littered with the remnants of dating disappointments.

Dating app fatigue

Years of a global pandemic exacerbated dating app fatigue; as work, social life and entertainment moved even more online. After all, humans crave in-person connection. A 2020 MIT study found that our longing for social…



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