Six Life Coach Strategies to Make and Keep Your New Year’s Goals

Jessica Warren
4 min readJan 1, 2023

How the successful make gains on their dreams each year

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You can set goals at any point, but I love the clean slate a new year gives us to map out changes we’d like to see and the dreams we’d love to unfold.

A new year is like a fresh blanket of winter’s snow gleaming in front of you. Untouched and ready for you to dive in.

If you want this to be a productive as well as a happy new year — here are six methods used by life coaches to help their clients achieve what they truly want. To help you make this year your best one yet.

Firstly, reflect on the past year:

Think about each month of last year. Include where you were, who you were with, how you felt and what you achieved. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and answering these questions can help you steer the future in the right direction.

Set aside 20 minutes with your journal or notes. Then, put your phone on airplane mode. Sit with your favorite cup, and music that helps you focus and relax. Light a candle or incense, snuggle under a blanket and write down your answers. For the last year:

  • Which people made it brighter — who you did and didn’t know before?
  • What are three magical memories?
  • How have you changed?
  • What are the most significant things you learned?
  • What are you ready to leave behind in 2022?

Looking back on your growth, who you met and what you learned sparks gratitude and wisdom to nurture our future goals. You’ll likely find achievements to celebrate, life-changing lessons and beautiful connections you made.

Then, set goals for the year ahead:

Being intentional about the new year ahead also helps give us precision and clarity. Visualizing what we want to happen is a researched back way to help us reach our goals. This method helps successful business people, entertainers and athletes reach their highest work and life aims.

Six practical ideas to make and set your new year’s goals:



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