When you’re looking to authentically attract a compatible partner

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This applies to many of life’s situations.

On a first date, and early on in the dating process, however: where you go and what you do together displays subtle clues about you and your life. …

How I went from terrified squeaker to conference speaker.

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I was the kind of kid who wanted to disappear (or feigned a sudden hiccough attack) every time my name was called to read out loud in English class. …

We can build up our own self love.

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“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. — Buddha, self-love quote

Self-love is the best love

We often hear self-help gurus like Deepak Chopra telling us you cannot truly love someone else until you love yourself.

What if you…

Tips for straight men in current times.

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I often hear the confusion some men feel around appropriately expressing their romantic interest in a woman. Asking someone out can seem even riskier today— especially if you haven’t checked in from a female perspective.

Here are some personal…

We attract partners equal and opposite to us.

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The concept of masculine and feminine energy blew my mind on first learning about it. As a feminine woman who grew up, worked and lived in a predominantly masculine environment (including training at a Big Four accounting firm) observing these dynamics has helped me to live a more authentic, empowered…

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Here we are, characters in the 2020 sequel none of us wanted, but apparently needed in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic — Lockdown 2. It sometimes can’t help but feel like our lives are being wounded in the same place again, after the first time they were turned upside-down.

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“Headline stress disorder” — it’s a thing. Coined in the Washington Post by psychologist Steven Stosny to describe the collective unease we felt helplessly watching the tumultuous politics of 2016. Fast-forward to 2020, and the news has not felt this anxiety-inducing in my lifetime.

It’s useful, interesting, and even responsible…

A guide to coming out of this mentally stronger

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With an unprecedented proportion of the world’s population in self-isolation, many of us feel uneasy (to say the least) about the sudden, strange upheaval to regular life as we know it. …

Tips to prevent loneliness during the pandemic

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Healthy relationships are known to be key for our mental well-being.

A well-cited, 80-year study by Harvard researchers found that “our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health,”. Further research shows that people who engage in supportive, positive relationships produce more…

Social isolation and mental well-being during the coronavirus outbreak

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Last night, the dark night air in my hometome of London felt heavy with uncertainty, and tinged with a sense of anxiety. As I walked down Portobello Road, I peered into the windows of local cafes and pubs — usually bustling…

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